Snakee it`s brutal remake of snake game with many upgrades! Download now for free

two versions: Standart and CRT Edition!!! Our first account with this game was deleted :( .

You can also choose the style of CRT effect in crt.txt! Note: value schould be up to 3!

If you find a bug please report it in commentaries.

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I had a go on your game. First of all kudos to the efforts to create something. There are two major flaws in your game. A game without "scoring" is not a game at all. You can't measure your success, so the re-play value lowers a lot. Also the fact that the snake can run into itself and the game is not over, is also very... special :) The shaking twist is rather annoying, but it spices up the game a bit.

Thanks for playing! The score in the upper left corner of the screen… Yeaah screen shaking is amazing hahah ;)